I have a curly headed boy who loves McDonald’s… and he needed a haircut. If there was one year to be Ronald McDonald, without using a wig, it was this one! His big sister was a McDonald’s server. Here is how we made this fun kids couple costume:


The yellow suit was a Teletubbies costume that I found at a consignment store.  I cut it to the pictured shape. Using scrap fabric, I added the red circle with the yellow M, the red strip down the front, and the red fake pockets. All attached with fabric glue, nothing fancy, easy! The red and white striped under suit were Hanna Andersen PJ’s that we already had with a white collared shirt underneath. The “shoes” were actually his shoes with an old pair of red slipper socks over them, that I weaved a yellow piece of yarn through, mimicking shoelaces.  And, the hair, his own, sprayed red! He carried a happy meal box with a string attached to collect his candy in. He looked adorable!

Server Girl:

The red and white striped dress is a ladies shirt from Goodwill. The apron was from the craft store and I dyed it yellow. I attached the circle and the M with scraps of fabric and fabric glue. She wore yellow tights and red shoes and a craft store visor painted red with a yellow foam M attached. She carried a “tray”, a plastic plate painted red, with a drink, nuggets, and fry container glued to it and a wooden rod attached to the bottom to carry.

We enjoyed these costumes so much! They had so much fun! We even stopped at our local McDonald’s to say hello!