I got most of my materials for Oscar the Grouch costume at Wallmart! The green fur is made out of green bath rugs. I had an old wire hanging flower pot that I used for the top of my head and then sewed the green bath rugs onto there. The bottom half of my head/chin was cardboard molded to my face. For the eyes at Wallmart I just bought a plastic ball and cut it in half, spray painted it white and used electrical tape for the eyes.

The eye brows are made out of an old furry winter hat I had and I just cut the fur off of the hat and glued it onto the face. I cut a line/piece of fabric and tied it around my neck so my neck would be covered in fur. The lime green suspenders were from Wallmart as well. I had the flannel shirt already at my house. It kind of looked like it was out of a dumpster! I already also had the tin trash can, for my head I just glued it onto the flower pot and I cut the bottom of the trashcan off and taped silver tape around it so it wouldn’t scratch me when I was putting it on.

Also for the hands I used the same green bath rug and tied them together, and cut slits that looked like fingers. All in all the materials at Wallmart (IE: bath rugs, suspenders, ball, spray paint and tape) were around 60$. The bath rugs were the most money. I went to a couple of halloween parties and I won one of the costume contests and I went to one at St. Johns and got third place.

I had a Halloween costume contest at work and I won a paid day off. How great is that! I also went to Chipotle on Halloween and everyone was so amazed! Someone from Germany was there and said  ” We don’t celebrate Halloween there and this made my whole trip! It was a fun, creative, and funny Halloween costume!! Give it a chance! Now…GO AWAY! SCRAM!