Yes, my husband and I are dorks. We are well aware! One of our favorite movies is Ghostbusters so we wanted to be characters from that movie. We figured there would be many others who dress up in the typical Ghostbuster suit with proton pack so we wanted to do something different. We loved the idea of the Gatekeeper (Zuul/Dana Barrett played by Sigourney Weaver) and Keymaster (Louis/Vinz Clortho played by Rick Moranis). After searching online, I couldn’t really find any costumes or images of anything that inspired much at the time so we decided to make our own versions. In the hours after work (after purchasing the fabric and items that we would need), we would sit on the couch while I sewed my dress and my husband made his colander hat thing.

In the movie, Dana Barrett is possessed by Zuul and declares herself the Gatekeeper. Louis is possessed by a demon named Vinz, the Keymaster, so they had to get together! Some of scenes they are in are the funniest of the movie. “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!” Despite us wearing the costume, not too many people seemed to get what we were right away until we would recite a line ( “there is no Dana, there is only Zuul!,  “Are you the Gatekeeper? “) or just tell people who we were (maybe not enough Ghostbuster fans at the party we went to!)!!  Nevertheless we had a blast and enjoyed acting out the parts for friends.

Gatekeeper Costume

I purchased a large piece of reddish gold shimmery fabric from the Fabric store. I watched the movie on repeat and tried to sew the fabric to make it look like the dress in the movie (large sleeves, off the shoulders). I also bought this stretchy gold fabric to make a tube dress to wear underneath the red/gold garb.

I made my hair into a teased mess and wore lots of makeup.

Keymaster Costume

Pants cut in a jagged way to be around calf length

Orange polo shirt purchased from thrift store

Blue button down – purchased from thrift store

Colander with wires looped through the top over and over.

A piece of tan fabric to use as a strap to keep the colander on his head.

Glasses with the frames pushed out and a piece of tape around the bridge of the nose.