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Coolest Wind Blown Lady Costume

by Rachelle
(Fargo, ND, USA)

Homemade Wind Blown Lady Costume

Homemade Wind Blown Lady Costume

I made this costume by putting wire in the seams of the jacket and all the seams of the skirt (both around the bottom of the skirt and also vertically running up and down the seams) and bent them all in the same direction. I used 19 gauge wire. I used hot glue to add wire to a scarf. I turned an umbrella inside out and used hot glue to attach fake leaves to attach to the clothes and umbrella. I used wire and hairspray to keep my hair in place off to one side.

I used a paper mache mixture (water and flour mixture) and submerged newspaper in it and draped it over the side of a cup until it was dry and hard. I cut the top of a sock off and attached the newspaper to it with hot glue. I was able to put the sock on to my mid-calf to make it look like a newspaper had blown onto my leg.

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by: Nor Calif.

This costume is way funny! Creative idea and well executed! While we are all spending days and days on ours, you raced to the top with a fantastic idea!

love this costume...
by: Lisa

well done!

by: Anonymous

I think this is so clever. You did an awesome job and you have inspired me to incorporate this idea in my costume this year.

by: Carolyn

Thanks for the uniue idea! I had trouble with the skirt, so my daughter is wearing jeans with newspaper and leaves attached with double stick tape. I used duct tape to add the wire to her jacket. The scarf needs to be light weight or it won't stick up. I first bought 20 guage wire because that was all they had, but later went to another store for the 19 which is thicker/stronger and works better. I'm still having trouble figuring out the hair - my daughter's is fairly long, which means more weight pulling it down.

for Carolyn
by: Jen

I love this idea too....Carolyn, could you put your daughter's hair in a braid and then put a wire in a braid? I've seen people do this before for Pippi could work for this too!

So Creative!!
by: Naomi

I love this! I am absolutely "blown away" by your ideas, and the overall look of this costume. Job well done

Blown away!
by: Jen303

I absolutely love your costume. The sock/newspaper is perfect! You have inspired me to create this costume for Halloween this year.

by: Anonymous

How did you get the scarf to stand up, with out falling onto the shoulders?

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Coolest Homemade Raindrop Costume 6

by Michelle from Gnomeclothes
(West Lafayette, IN)

Homemade Raindrop Costume

Homemade Raindrop Costume

I made this homemade raindrop costume for my daughter when she was 4 years old. I started with two large pieces of foam that I found at the fabric store. We were lucky enough to find this great shimmery blue fabric that was just perfect for the water effect.

I cut out a raindrop shape for the back, using two pieces of fabric, sewed those together and turned. I then cut one of the foam pieces and stuffed it into this “pocket”. I did the same thing for the front piece, except this time I cut holes for the face and arms. Again, I cut the foam to match the shape, cutting a hole for the face and arms. I had to hand stitch the face hole closed around the foam. I then hand stitched the front and back pieces together all around the shape, leaving a space open around the arms and also the bottom.

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by: Kelly

This is really adorable, and the fabric is perfect!

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Coolest Homemade Group Halloween Costume Ideas 4

by Kristi Peterson
(New Sweden, ME USA)

Mother Nature and Father Time

Mother Nature and Father Time

Mother Nature and Father Time
Legendary Figures

Mother Nature-My Mom made my dress from a Fair Maiden pattern. I decorated it w/ artifical flowers,twigs & leaves. I handmade my wreath w/ same flowers etc.
Father Time- I made the cape w/ no pattern, I fitted it to him, trimmed w/ snowflake ribbon. Hair was a wig cut to fit back of a mask to make bald head.Made hourglass w/ plastic bottles and filled w/ salt.
SandMan-Made to fit night shirt,pants and cap
Jack Frost-Made the whole siut from a boys suit pattern,even the shirt, tie was an icicle ornament
Easter Bunny- Made suit to fit no pattern,put wire in ears, foam nose w/broom bristles for whiskers.
Cupid-Made one piece outfit to fit like feety PJ's w/ zipper up back , painted toes on,cloth diaper over, fairy wings and homemade bow/arrow.
this will have to due , I tried to make it short and sweet so to not to use too many words.

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