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Coolest Homemade Apple Costume 3

by Kimberley G.
(Alberta, Canada)

Homemade Apple Costume

Homemade Apple Costume

To make this homemade apple costume, I made a hat out of paper mache, using cardboard strips cut from a cereal box. I made a band to go around head taping it together with duct tape and then criss-crossed the other strips over the band attaching to band with tape. Then using paper and paper mache paste, I covered the helmet with paper mache, coat 3 or 4 times.

When dry, attach a construction paper leaf, and paint helmet red. Using an over-sized red sweater, hem the bottom edge and string a tie or shoe lace through hem (gathering up at bottom).

Put a pillow inside tied to middle of child. Sew two long pink rectangular strips together leaving opening at bottom and turn inside out, to make the worm. Draw lines and a set of eyes and mouth on worm with a permanent marker. Sew to shoulder. Make a label using white cloth and fabric crayons or permanent markers. I wrote Bad Apple on the label. You can put red makeup on face for added effect.

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Coolest Hot Chocolate Costume 12

by Maria S.
(Roanoke, VA)

Hot Chocolate Costume

Hot Chocolate Costume

I knew I had to top my daughter's light up robot costume last year so I searched the web for fun costumes. I saw a hot chocolate costume and knew I could have a lot of fun with it. I decided to make it look like the hot chocolate I used to have when I was growing up, including using the same Corelle dish pattern "Butterfly Gold" we had from the early 1970's.

I used a laundry basket, foam core, poster board, white and brown felt, stuffing and my computer and printer for the dish pattern. I decided to sew the marshmallows and a whipped cream hat. I sewed the brown “liquid” and attached it to the inside of the basket with a big needle and yarn, attached the marshmallows with a quick stitch. To help hold the costume up (it was kind of heavy), I attached suspenders to the inside of the basket.

She was the hit of the neighborhood.

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Great costume -questions
by: Carolyn

I love the hot chocolate costume you posted. My daughter is bond determined to be a cup of hot chocolate for Halloween, however, I am not crafty at all and have no idea to even get started. Can you send me more specific direction on how you made your daughter's costume?

Much appreciated.

by: Jezz

How to sew the suspenders and stuffing to the basket when it's hard plastic? What are you sewing it to?

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