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Coolest Homemade Chinese Take Out Costume

by Eric L.
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Homemade Chinese Take Out Costume

Homemade Chinese Take Out Costume

First, I have to give credit to my friend who came up with the idea to go as “leftovers in foil shaped like a swan” for giving me the inspiration for a food costume idea. I thought it was a funny and original idea and started to think about what I could be related to food. After some time, I thought: “what is more Chinese than Chinese take out” so I started planing my Homemade Chinese Take Out Costume.

Having completed some research on Chinese take out boxes, I found a proper cardboard box, cut and shaped it to size, covered it in white Bristol board, drew the picture of a pagoda on the front, added a neck strap I made to the box, and shaped a metal lawn sign holder to be the handle.

To finish it off, I bought individually wrapped fortune cookies in bulk (400 in the box) to hand out to people at the party we went to.

The costume was a great conversation starter and people love getting fortune cookies! (Hopefully the tights I borrowed from my friend added more to the costume than it took away!)

Chinese Food Costume

Chinese Food Costume

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by: Anonymous

LOL Awesome costume, I think the fortune cookies are such a brilliant and charming little extra =D

by: Anonymous

How did you find the right box?

by: Eric

I had just finished installing some new appliances in the kitchen so there were a lot of boxes to choose from. This box was from the range hood and just happened to be the right size!

by: Anonymous

This is cool. I still haven't decided what I'm going to be yet so I will consider this.

by: Lynn

How did you cut it to shape it? I don't see instructions.

Nice One
by: Nate

Im going to do this one year.

Help Please
by: Vida

Eric in Toronto. I don't know how to reach you but I have questions about your great coctume. Could you please email me at Please and thank you.

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Coolest Homemade Bugles Halloween Costume

by Jhona
(Enid, Ok, USA)

Homemade Bugles Halloween Costume

Homemade Bugles Halloween Costume

My son always wants an original costume. We don't have a lot of money to spend on costumes, so he picks some random object that he sees and we make it into a costume. We try to use stuff we already have at home. We have made it a challenge every year for our two older boys to come up with the best costume between the two of them. Sometimes they get together to make corresponding costumes.

We got some felt material, stitched it together leaving an opening for the legs, head, and arms. Then cut out some yellow felt, painted lines on them, and glued them on the red felt. We painted the Buggles logo on the front, and used horn of plenty for his hat. He just wore a shirt and football pants underneath for warmth.

Since this Homemade Bugles Halloween Costume is not scary or too complex, he could wear it to a party, school or anywhere without offending. It made for a easy to move in costume. He won 2 costume contests in this costume so far, one at church and one at a friend’s party. Halloween isn't even for another few days. Can't wait to see what happens on Halloween!

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Coolest Homemade Jelly Belly Halloween Costume 2

by Lori-Ann
(Redondo Beach, CA, USA)

Homemade Jelly Belly Halloween Costume

Homemade Jelly Belly Halloween Costume

For the bag of the Homemade Jelly Belly Halloween Costume, I used a large, clear trash bag. I cut holes in the bottoms of the bags for our legs. Inside are obviously just balloons of different colors. I tied the bag around the neck with colorful ribbon and printed out a label from the Jelly Belly website and taped it on.

I might suggest just having the bag stop at your waist instead of cutting holes in the bottom for both legs. It was mighty time-consuming for restroom visits.

It was very inexpensive. I won the costume contest at work with this one.

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So cleaver
by: Anonymous

clean (non offensive)and cute!

by: whats it to ya

This is the best costume idea ever! I will definitely try it out this Halloween! Thanks!

by: Anonymous

I am a student with little time or money to spend this year, but this is def super awesome! Stress of a costume idea gone! thanks a bunch!!

by: Anonymous

how do you ride in the car? I am thinking about using this idea this year, but our group always goes out all night. any suggestions?

by: Anonymous

so cool ... me and husband are going to do this for our church party

by: Anonymous

wow! this costume is way too cool... I'm totally going to do this! it's also perfect for trick or treating since you don't have to worry about getting cold or it's raining.

jelly belly
by: Madeleine

so awesome! how did you go to the bathroom??

by: brooke

this is a great! How on earth did you come up with it? I'm sure to use this one on Halloween. Thanks for submitting the idea!

by: Anonymous

How long does it take to take on or off?

P.S. Great Idea!

Jelly Belly
by: Wells

wonderful job thats what im going to be for halloween thanks!


My daughter is 10, and this year is the first year that she really wasn't sure what she wanted to be. We've never done homemade costumes because I'm not creative and crafty. She finally decided what she wanted. I bought her a costume that was on sale, it didn't work out. I am up at 1:30am trying to see if I can pull something off at the last minute. She has a school parade later, and she wasn't too thrilled about what we decided on before she went to bed. I came across this, and I am sure she will love it! Plus, it's quick, easy and cheap. I can put it together while she's at school and take it to her before the parade! THANKS!

This is awesome!
by: Anonymous

This is what i'm doing and it looks TOTALLY AWESOME! I can't wait till i'm done! I'm going to try not to drink at all! Thanks for the idea.
Tip- use 7 inch balloons, they look more like jelly beans!

Great Idea!
by: Charity

This is too cute! Right up my, easy and it is probably gonna be raining so its also helpful!! Thanks for sharing!

by: whateva

how cute

by: i had the best halloween ever!

Last night was halloween and I got sooooo many compliments! We had a little trouble with making it though. We ended up taking the bottom of the bag and put duct tape all around on it so that I could wear it like a shirt and so the balloons wouldn't fall out from the bottom. We also used duct tape at the neck because the bag kept escaping from under the ribbon, so we put duct tape and put a ribbon over it. I had so much fun wearing this costume! I recommend this to everyone!!! I was the only one wearing this costume thats for sure!

One thing though, it was pretty cold last night yet I was still hot in this costume. So keep that in mind.

Wow, thanks!
by: Lori-Ann

Thanks for your comments, everyone. It was tough to use the restroom in it, so that's why I thought securing it around your waste would be easier then putting your legs through holes in the bottom of the bag like we did. For car rides, I just stepped out of the costume and then stepped back in and tied it at the neck.


by: 10 yr. old

Thank you so much for the great and most SIMPLE idea in the whole world!! I have a costume contest in my school and I didn't know what on earth to be this year. And when me & my mom found this we knew that THIS WAS THE ONE!!!! And I know I AM going to win!!!

easy on and off
by: Anonymous

I made a similar costume in 2008 and wore it to work. I used two trash bags and taped them together at the sides; one bag was the front of the costume and one was the back. I wore them like a tube (think bubble dress) with the balloons in each bag. I also enlarged and printed the nutritional values statement out and taped it on the back. It was an easy on and off costume! I agree that this costume is great for work because it is inexpensive, light weight, imaginative, inoffensive and fun!

Cute and Non-Expensive
by: Bob Marley the 3rd

I used this great idea on my whole family!I recommend highly!

Really great!
by: Anonymous

This looks fantastic! Reminds me of the time I went as a bunch of grapes to a costume party - by the time the end of the evening came I was just some chick in a green body suit with limp bits of rubber hanging off her LOL!!!

This is what my 11 year old son is going to be!
by: Anonymous

My hard to please eleven year couldn't make up his mind again this year for a Halloween Costume. When I showed him your picture, he smiled and said, "That's it Mom!" so thank you so much for the awesome idea, instructions and cute picture! It's a wonderful costume!!!

by: Anonymous

love it that's what im being for Halloween.

Great Idea.
by: Happy Mom

This is what my daughter has decided to be. Thank you for posting this idea. It is very cute, very fun. And it will be easy to put together.

great idea; where to buy clear bags?

This is just the best idea ever; but, I'm perplexed. My trash bags are either black or white; where do I find clear?
it seems everyone knows but me!
thanks for the help.

by: Anonymous

what size trash bag for an adult, please?

cute costume
by: happy person

That is the cutest costume I'v EVER seen. I might be that every year:D

by: Anonymous

awesome!! i luv it!!!!!!!

by: awesome tomato

this is the coolest costume ever!!!! thanks soo much!! anyone know were to get clear trashbags???? never seen them :P i htought id be a pair of pants with my frilends (each in a leg) but this is so much better!!!!! thnx so mmuch!!!

love it
by: Anonymous

omg, thanks so much for this post!
this is so creative
i am so being this for Halloween with my friend this year(2010) we will for sure win some contests thanks so much what a great costume idea!

Clear Trash Bags
by: flygirl123

I couldn't find any large clear trash bags at any of the grocery stores I tried, but I did get one from cabin service on an airplane. They seem to be used by large industries when they change their trash. Maybe ask the help at a restaurant or grocery store if you aren't flying anywhere between now and Halloween. Can't wait to try out this costume!

when can i find this?
by: Anonymous

Wondering where you got the bag at? I have looked everywhere and I can't find them.. Thanks

awesome costume
by: Anonymous

I can't wait, me & my girlfriend are going to try out this costume for our big Halloween party on the 30th.. I think we may win the contest.. Thanks for the awesome idea :))

Clear Bags for Jelly Belly Costume
by: Anonymous

I found the large clear bags at is a big roll and it is a little pricy but you will get a lot of use out of them with other projects and household needs. And they are durable too!

clear bags for costume
by: Chris

I went to my local party store (Party City) and went to the ballong department and asked for the ballon bags (the are the large clear bags that they place multiple balloons in) They did charge me $1 each, but it was worth it. We cut the bottom off the bag and then retaped with clear packing tape to resemble the end of a sealed bag. Then I took little pieces of the packing tape and put one piece on each ballon and stuck it to the bag where we wanted them, then I turned the bag inside out (this was a little tough to do and did pop a couple ballons in the process. then I had my daughter put on. Then we removed one of the ballons and cut a hole for her face (which we will use white facepaint for and she is going to wear a colored thick headband as well, this way her face looks like one of the jelly beans too). Then we cut the arm holes. the ballons wont fall out the bottom because they are taped to the bag. this way she wears it like a dress and it is easy to take off.

by: Anonymous

How many balloons did u buy to put in the trash bag?

by: 13 year old wonder

i have no idea on what i wanna be but i now know EXACTLY what i am going to be!!!!!

Very Creative
by: Anonymous

I loved this costume and I'm going to be it for Halloween. I'm not allowed to buy a costume, and I was totally desperate for some ideas. When I saw this, I knew it would be perfect. Wish me luck that it turns out okay, and thank you so much for your idea!

by: stevie boy



Thanks for the idea
by: Lori

Thanks for sharing your idea. I made the costume for my office contest today and also won.
I took your suggestion and just made a front and a back following your instructions and then tied the two bags full of balloons together with ribbon at the ankles and the shoulders. It allowed me to slip it on and off. To make it funny, I also wrote out the nutritional value and glued it on the back section.

Perfect Jelly Belly Costume
by: Jackie

Nothing like waiting until the end to decide what to go as for Halloween. Awesome job!

my original costume 1985
by: B Cline

many years 1985 i made myself to be a bag of jelly beans as my statement against our war in Grenada and the Reagan administration...I took interfacing and made the bag with snap crotch and drawstring top and for the "jelly beans" i took the small water balloons and blew them up. I drew a monkey for what i thought the war to be on our American backs and wore a cowboy hat and boots to represent Reagan. I am glad that somebody won money for this idea because the Americans have lost so much for the original idea i had.

Love it
by: Taylor

i might use this this year low on money right now so def. might use this

the perfect bag
by: Anonymous

balloon drop bags work great! you can find them at any party supply store for about $7. Much easier than searching everywhere for large clear plastic trash bags.

Great idea!
by: Anonymous

That is such a great idea!! Me and my friend are going to be that for Halloween!!

Awsome Costume!!!
by: Mateo Marquez-Parodi

Great Costume!!! How did you get your arms through? Tomorrow is Halloween and I want to impress my friends so please, please, PLEASE tell me how you did it! :D

by: Anonymous

how todo put the platic bag on ?

by: gagapoluza


Thank you!!
by: Spring, Tx

It was sooo easy to make and very cheap!!! I won the costume contest at work.

People LOVED the costume!
by: Flygirl

Tonight was trick-or-treat, and my son has never had so many compliments on a costume before! People said how much they loved the jelly-belly costume, and he came home with more candy than I've ever seen. Neighbors gave him the KING size bars, etc. while his friends got the snack size bars. I would recommend this costume to anyone who is looking for something different! Saved so much money too!! Thanks Lori-Ann for the great costume idea!!!

IM USIN THIS!!!!!!!!

This is awesome im def doin it!! Great idea but I will tie it at the waist instead of doin leg holes!! Tht would be hard to go if u know what i mean!!

by: Anonymous

<3 wowza!

Too Sweet!
by: Bridget

This is the best costume EVER! it looks so easy and really cheap. as to where to get the large clear trashbags, you can get them at some offices and some schools use them. in my school we have little ones too that could probally fit a small child.TOTALLY BEING THIS WITH MY SISTER! :D

that is so cute
by: werewolf lover

omg i will so try that

love it

If you cant find clear trash bags try a company they seem to use them alot.

p.s. love it

SUPER cute!
by: 808 pride

OMG im SO being this for HALLOWEEN! THANKS for the awesome IDEA!

EVERYONE~ you can buy CLEAR TRASH BAGS @ HOME DEPOT. their super big too!

THANKS AGAIN for this cheap yet cute IDEA

by: Anonymous

sooo cool! im going trick or treatn for key club for unicef! and i had no clue what to do! not any more! i love it! thank you! thank you! thank you!

by: Natalie J.

OMG.. i love this idea, and im sorry i have to take it. it was last min but i love it!!!!! you amazing!!!

Love It
by: Anonymous

I used drop cloths and red duct tape to hold the sides together!
Can't wait to try it out tonight!!

Best idea ever! :)
by: Anonymous

Me and my little sister are doing this fursure besides being cheap its a great idea for a 17yr old & a 13yr old! & its cheap for mom too :)

I used the balloon drop bag
by: Anonymous

Thanks for this great idea, and the suggestions from other people helped!

I bought a balloon pump at the party store, and it was worth the $5.

The balloon drop bag it worked well. I placed plastic shipping tape in the middle on both sides after filling the bag with balloons. I cut a slit on the tape, and taped around the slit. I wore it like a poncho. I used the cord that came with the drop bag, and looped it in the bag to tie around my waist.

I printed the Jelly Belly logo and taped it on the front, and the nutrition info taped on the back.

Other then my fingers getting sore from tying balloons, it was easy.

Jelly Beans
by: Looking 4 costumes

how would your coat fit on???? xxxxxxx

by: Thnx

For this halloween I'm totally going to be a jelly bean jar! Tip my friend did something like that but in stead of jelly belly's he put how many jelly beans are in the jar! Thnx ur making my Halloween more exciting

by: Anonymous

uuummmmm well can you sit down in it because when I go to school I dont want to sit down and be all lke POP POP POP

by: boobymaan1123

so like dis is awesome i could only wear the bag and no clothes me and my model girl friend are doing this thank you plastic bags! olo

by: Anonymous

Thanks so much!!

by: Anonymous

Thank you sooo much for sharing this costume idea! The other comments with tips helped as well. I used drop clothes to make two bags and I glued the two bags together using a hot glue gun. I made a dress with the two bags. Easy to slip in and out of and easy access for going to the bathroom. I'm super excited and I can't wait to see the look on my co-workers faces!

Halloween Costume!
by: RingetteChickie!

Thanks! It worked great, but I think i made balloons a bit big!

Thank you!
by: Zoey

What a terrific idea, this is fantastic ! Totally wrapped with this idea, colourful and simple yet effective, well done! This is going to be fun :)

by: lala

it works soooooo much luv it lol my daughters being it 4 halloween :)

by: Anonymous

how did u do the arms?

by: Anonymous

I have looked all over and can't find a large enough trash bag! Where can I find one? its urgent! Holloween is tomorrow!!!

Group Costume
by: 11 Year Old Peanut!

Me and my two friends are planning on doing a group costume so we looked everywhere. I looked on Pinterest and couldn't find anything until I came across this. The only problem is we don't know where to get clear trash bags. Overall this is a great costume and we wouldn't have a costume if it weren't for for you. Thanks!

Trash Bag
by: Mahvash

A question... Where can we get transparent trash bags?

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