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Coolest Fred and Wilma Flinstone Halloween Costume 17

by Christy
(Pahrump, NV )

Yabba Dabba Doooo

Yabba Dabba Doooo

My husband is actually the one who came up with the idea of The Flinstones. He is a DJ for the local Pub where he works, and we decided to get into the spirit of Halloween although I must say we have not done since our kids were young.

So out comes the sewing machine. The kids also enjoyed in the fun watching us be "Cartoon Characters". At their tender ages of 22, 20 and 15 they no longer want to dress for the Holiday.

I decided that fleece would be the best material to use, but unfortunately I could not find patterns. For Fred I chose a Big T-Shirt and traced the material a little bigger and measured the length by having my husband put on one of my dress. What a sight, but I had to remind him that it was his idea.

I cut the spots out of felt and hand sewed them on and for the tie, just turquoise cotton, and stitched it around the collar.

For Wilma, a bit harder trying to fit myself. I pinned the material on my shoulders and took a marker to draw the curves. For her necklace I used Styrofoam balls threaded with elastic. I also decided to use a Red Wash Rinse for my hair because the canned spray flakes off. Experience from a Mom with Kids. We had a blast that evening and everyone really enjoyed how unique the Fred and Wilma Flinstones Halloween costumes were.

I have a year to put my mind to work, I will definitely do this again!!

Fred and Wilma
(aka Troy and Christy Schmechel)

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by: briana

SUPER CUTE! What kind of material did you you and did you sew around each point on the bottom?

So cute
by: Anonymous

where did you find a t-shirt that big for your husband?

Hope this helps
by: Christy

They were made of light felt material...and no I didn't sew the bottom hem...just left the bottom a raw edge.

Hope this answers your questions
by: Christy

I used fleece material for both costumes. For my husband I used one of his T-Shirts as a pattern and just made it longer. I left the edges on the hem thing nice about using fleece, it was a real clean cut.

by: Ashley

I told my boyfriend this would be a great idea for a couples Halloween costume! Thanks for posting how you made yours! It gave me good insight on how to do ours!

Super Cute!
by: Kassidie

My boyfriend also had the idea of us doing the Flintstones!
Since my birthday falls around Halloween, we decided to have a costume party for it.
his costume should be pretty easy to make but I'm a little nervous about Wilma's dress for me...
how did you taper it in at your waist?
I don't want it to just go straight down...

Thanks for the great help!!




by: Jude

I made costumes like these for Halloween this year. Instead of sewing triangles on Fred's outfit, I used black craft paint and a sponge brush. Just make sure you put something inside so the paint doesn't bleed through (I used waxed paper).

by: Kristi

You both look absolutely adorable! Our family has been trying to decide what to be for Halloween this year (there is four of us) and so we thought about the Flintstones! After seeing how cute the two of you look, there is no doubt we are doing the Flintstones! Can't wait! Thanks for the awesome ideas!

Good Will Wilma
by: Anonymous

We are doing this this year. I am going to make his (I think it will be super easy but for mine I think I am going to try to find a white dress at GoodWill or Salvation Army and then just cut the hem in a ragged line and cut off one sleeve - if I can find one. It will be more fitted than trying to make it from scrath and probably about as cheap as buying fabric.

Wilma costume using white t-shirts from the rag bag!
by: G in Dallas

I decided to throw a Wilma costume together for a United Way mini-golf tournament we are doing at the office. My department's theme is The Flintstones. Cheap is a requirement!

I thought, I wonder if I can create a Wilma costume from old white t-shirts in the rag bag?

Yep, one t-shirt with the neck cut out (it already had been) for the skirt, tucked the sleeves in as "pockets", a v-neck t-shirt modified for the top, a 10 inch wide band from the bottom of another t-shirt (also had already been cut that way!) will serve as a "belt" to hold things together. Also using the covered elastic band cut off a pair of women's jockey brand panties to hold the bunch of fabric over the shoulder.

Will stop at Hobby Lobby on the way in for styrofoam jewelry!

Got to work on the hair, but mine is long and can go in a bun!

Found this site after I had created the costume to check for ideas before cutting out the bottom fringe!

Also using some old L'eggs pantyhose eggs for golf balls! Bambam's Bat will be the "putter". House replica is a caved pumpkin with a flagstone roof. Car replica is from one of those kids cars that move by foot power with 8 inch sakrete round cylinder for front and back wheels.

Leopard print fleece throws from CVS pharmacy will be laid down for the "putting green"! Should be a hoot!

by: Christy...Costume Maker :o)

I've been asked quite a few times about the hemline. I just cut the felt with the zig zag design. I cut a triangle piece of paper to trace the edges so it would be even all the way around. Fleece material has such a clean cut, there is no need to hem the edge....I left it raw. Even after washing it, the edges look great! Hope this helps.

Happy Haunting,

by: Anonymous

how much material did you use for the tie, i bought a yard of material to use, but im worried that it will too short and look funny against my husbands costume.

materieal type
by: akjulie

I noticed you called it a fleece material, and others called it felt. Was it like a soft polar fleece type of material or a more stiff felt type material? also where did you buy your material? thanks!

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Coolest Homemade Great Gazoo Costume 28

by Michael

Homemade Great Gazoo Costume

Homemade Great Gazoo Costume

I love Halloween. It is, for me, the best day of the year to party and have fun. Every year my costumes get funnier and it has reached the point when people expect me to dress a bit crazier each year. This year I decided to dress up as THE GREAT GAZOO; it is not a very popular character for Halloween and I made the coolest Great Gazoo costume ever. This costume was very simple to make but included several details.

The helmet, the most important item of the costume, was made from a plastic lamp cover bought at Home Depot. The antennae are door-stopper springs. I made the cape using cheap fabric and a stapler. The boots are from Home Depot and the belt is from a child's Batman outfit.

Obviously, the Great Gazoo is a little fat so I stuffed a pillow in the front of the costume. This costume was a total hit and people took pictures of me all night.

Comments for Coolest Homemade Great Gazoo Costume 28

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by: Anonymous

What is the Costume itself made out of ?

by: Anonymous

no its not a costume you really are an alien there is a little orb in between your legs. nice try.

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Coolest Flinstones Costume 15

by Nicole
(Orlando, Florida)

Pebbles and Bam Bam Costume

Pebbles and Bam Bam Costume

I've always loved the characters Pebbles and Bam Bam, and I thought it would be so cute to dress my little ones up as them this year, this might be the last year I can pick what they are going to be.

This was my first time making a costume and I had the best time doing it. I had an idea of what I wanted for this Flintstones costume and wrote out a list of what I thought I might need. 1 yard of green fleece, 1 yard of orange fleece, 2 sheets of black felt, fabric glue, strip of faux fur, and accessories, and old hat and some bones.

I had a week off of work and basically while the kids napped I cut,sewed and glued. The kids looked great. I hope they let me make their costumes next year!

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by: Anonymous

I love it! I want to make my daughter's costume. I want to make her Pebbles and my neighbor is going to make her son Bam Bam. How much did you spend making them?

Bone in hair
by: grammy5

how did you make the bone in pebbles hair

by: saunsirae tucker (KY)

your kids are so cute, I tried at every Halloween store where I live to find a pebbles costume for my 14 month, but no luck, so I'm making one, thanks for the tips and tools I would need.

bamm bamm
by: Anonymous

I am trying that this year. The bones I am using for bamm bamm are real chicken bones that I boiled down and dried after dinner one night. I went to Michael's and could not find any bones and the lady there suggested that I try that. I will post pictures :)

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Coolest Homemade Wilimina and Fredrick Flinstone Couple Costume 26

by Lamesha Q.
(Gonzales, Louisiana, USA)

Homemade Wilimina and Fredrick Flinstone Couple Costume

Homemade Wilimina and Fredrick Flinstone Couple Costume

My husband and I decided to be the black Fred and Wilma Flinstone this year for Halloween.

The Homemade Wilimina and Fredrick Flinstone Couple Costume was roughly $50.00 a piece in the stores so I decided to make them on my own. I used fleece for my Wilma costume and felt for Fred's costume. It was easier than I thought.

I also made a Bam Bam costume for my little boy, using camouflage fleece for this. Unfortunately, he was in hospital for Halloween so we had to dress up at the hospital. The doctors and nurses were tickled pink.

We won the costume contest at the Halloween party. We wore afro wigs to give it a little African-American twist. It was such fun!

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by: Anonymous

Very cute. Loveee the afro's!!! :-)

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