This year’s costume was my wife’s choice. We have always been into the Day of the Dead but never thought to dress up as that style. So we began our research to get ideas and inspiration for our costumes. We found lots of great sugar skull face paintings but, fell in love with the half face sugar skull face painting.

So a trip to the Thrift shops and Halloween stores we went. My wife was having no luck at the Thrift stores and got very discouraged. I, on the other hand found almost everything I needed. Suit jacket, Top hat and red hanky was just what I needed. I found the rest of my accessories at the Halloween store.  My wife also found her costume which was perfect! She did change it up (like she always does) of course. She found the perfect bone stalkings and arm gloves.

All that was left was the face paint. After a few test runs, I was ready to paint. Even though we only did half of our face, each painting took a little over a hour long. I felt I needed a little something so I added a walking cane which completed my costume. We were happy with our final results and placed 1st at the costume contest!