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Coolest Homemade Baby Firefly Costume 3

by Nicole G.

Homemade Baby Firefly Costume

Homemade Baby Firefly Costume

I am a huge fan of Sheri Moon Zombie and decided to be Baby Firefly for Halloween.

I already had the skull snake skin cowboy hat from my Rob Zombie concert gear stash. I had a friend help me take my House of 1000 Corpses Rated R t-shirt and make it more "Baby". She helped me sew fish netting to the sides and we cut it up.

I took a pair of jeans and cut them into shorts. I cut rips and tears into them and used paint and fake blood to give that "I just murdered someone" look.

I already had tall combat boots so I sported those with the costume. I purchased the wig online so I could be blonde like her for the evening. I got a fake knife and added red paint to it to bloody it up (cause I knew fake blood was to wear off eventually).

I cut a strip of leopard print fabric to make my "scarf". I purchased some leather bracelets and wore one on each wrist.

I took a bottle of rum and took the labels off of it. I printed the red hot p*ssy liquor image online and glued it to the bottle. I put a layer of tape over it in case I spilled anything on it so that the image would not run. I drank from the bottle all evening. And poured shots from my Devil's Rejects shot glass.

To make this homemade Baby Firefly costume all complete, I put fake blood all over my skin because you can't be a part of the Firefly family without being covered in blood ha ha.

My husband dressed as Dr Satan to complete my look :) We were a huge hit!

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Dr. Satan
by: Jenn

where did he find the Dr. Satan mask? thank you

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Coolest Homemade Firefly Costume

by Marissa

Homemade Firefly Costume

Homemade Firefly Costume

My idea for this Homemade Firefly Costume actually came from a game of Scattergories when other players tried to tell me it wasn't a legitimate Halloween costume. It was super simple and came out of my closet for the most part so it was super cheap. I definitely didn't spend more than 20 dollars.

The top is actually a high waisted skirt from American Apparel. I pinned up the back with a safety pin so I could show my light. I knew that I would be using a tap light before I even started putting the costume together. Initially I had tried to tape it up but it wouldn't stick.

I then decided to buy a pair of yellow undies to put it in. I had wanted to find sheer ones, but had to settle for lace. Either way, the light was able to shine through the material so it was OK.

The wings were from an old angel costume so I spray painted them black to look more bug-like and I bought the antenna from a costume store.

Any costume that requires batteries is sure to be an attention grabber. I highly recommend bringing an extra set just so you don't burn out before the party's over.

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by: kim

hahaha i love this its soooo funny n creative :)

by: Anonymous

you saved me from being costume-less on halloween. my costume was a huge hit but the only annoying thing was was that the light would sag down or it would be really awkward to sit down. but other than that, i looked really cute, all thanks to you!

by: kk

I've been searching for a great Halloween costume... this is it!!!! Another great one is a dizzy person, just take some wire, circle it around your head and attach stars and birds!!!

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