My name is Marianna. I’m featured here in my sea anemone Halloween costume. Originally I was surfing through images on the web for a starfish costume idea. I stumbled upon a couple of costume photos of sea anemones and I was sold on this creative costume concept. I loved how people used long balloons for tentacles, but wanted to add my own creative and feminine twist to the costume. The sea  anemone photos online showed individuals surrounded in a large amount of balloons which did not look particularly comfortable or practical for movement. Hence the idea of the tentacle hair was born. I also wanted my body to be part of the sea anemone’s natural form, which is trunk-like and textured with bumpy features.

  • To make the tentacle hair, I took an old shower cap and long, skinny balloons typically used to create balloon animals. I individually glued each balloon to the cap. When it was all said and done, over one hundred balloons were glued to the cap, offering a feminine and unique look. Rubber bath-toy fish were glued to the cap for added flair.
  • My dress came from material purchased at a department store. I stitched and glued the dress together myself. I had never made a dress before, and was pleased with the results. Balloons were stuffed into the “trunk”.
  • Lots of pink and glittery body make up was applied to my skin.
  • I printed out a clown fish sketch, colored it, and attached the image to my dress.

I was a final contestant for “funniest” costume at a local bar. There were many “oohs” and “ahs”, which turned into unfortunate groping and licking of my poor tentacles as people became more intoxicated. When people are feeling up your balloons, that’s when it’s time to leave. I spent around $50.00 on my materials and spent 3 evenings assembling the costume. It was worth the time and effort once I saw the final product.

Happy Halloween!