I love the movie Avatar and decided to do a homemade version of the female Avatar costume, since the store brand doesn’t have sizes that fit tall people too well… (I’m 5’11).

1. I ordered a light blue unitard from a dance distributor, and I painted over it with a mixture of dark blue and white puffy paint.

2. I bought the Avatar ears from a Halloween store.

3. I bought brown felt fabric from Walmart, and cut out a long thin strip and a large rectangle to make the loin cloth.  I just stapled the long strip and rectangle together.

4. I bought clip in hair extensions from Sally Beauty supply that were like $80, but I’m sure that you can find them cheaper though.

5. I bought blue and white body paint.  Looking at an Avatar makeup tutorial on YouTube, my fiance painted my face.

6. My fiance then took some light blue paint, and painted the pattern on my unitard.

7. Although you can’t see it, I had a tail too.  I bought a long, fluffy white animal tail from the Halloween store.  I think painted over it with the blue/white puffy paint.

7. Since I waited til the last minute to make my costume, I didn’t do as much research and spent about $120 all together.  I know that you can spend a lot less though based off of where you buy your supplies.

Good luck on your costume and I hope this is helpful