I saw the costume for the nike high top and since my favorite thing is shoes… I figured we could do it!! We started out with construction paper.  We used it to cut out parts and make templates since it is cheaper to use and mistakes were definetely made!! WE found a place that sells 4 foot by 8 foot sheets of cardboard.  Cutting the long way, we make our shoe.  By cutting with the corrugation, we were able to gently curl the cardboard into the shape we wanted and had only to cut one piece for the main body of the shoe.  We added the sole, the tongue, and the heel after.  We used double sided carpet tape and duct tape to hold it together.  I covered it in felt and then the cheetah print using hot glue. I got two 32″ zippers from the fabric store and attached those with hot glue as well.  My inspiration was an actual Manolo Blahnik Leopard print booty.