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Coolest Fandango Puppet Costume 2

by Billie
(Rockford, IL)

Fandango Puppet Costume

Fandango Puppet Costume

This Fandango Puppet Costume came to me at the last minute, and only took about a day to put together. Use plain lawn bags. If you cannot find any, I used two with writing and glued them together with a glue stick so that each side was blank. I cut facial features, and hot glued them on. I used pip cleaners for earrings, eye lashes – which I curled around a pen, and for dress décor.

I cut and hot glued the dress on, I ironed in the pleats before I glued. I stuffed her bust before I glued. I cut out arm holes and a head hole where I wanted before I decorated, and covered the edges with clear packaging tape so that it would be sturdy and not rip. To make the hair, I took a standard notebook and wrapped the yarn around it about 30-50 times; I slid it off and tied a piece in the middle, cut the two loops, and I had one pom pom of hair. I did this quite a few times until I had enough hair on the top and back of her head.

I also put clothes on the back; make sure you have enough hair so that you don’t look like a paper bag in the back.

Fabric of your choice
Lawn bags
Clear tape
Glue gun
Felt for eyes, mouth and eyelids
Pipe cleaners
Holiday ribbon
Newspaper to stuff her bust
3 skeins of yarn

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Coolest Homemade Surfer Fandango Puppets Costume

by Albert T.
(Jackson NJ USA)

Homemade Surfer Fandango Puppets Costume

Homemade Surfer Fandango Puppets Costume

After going to the movies one evening and seeing the movie previews I was struck with the creative idea to be a Homemade Surfer Fandango Puppets Costume.

The costume started out with me thinking of just creating the puppets out of lunch bags and pasting them all over myself making me the fandango puppet master. After having a talk about it with my friend’s wife we came up with the idea of turning ourselves into the actual fandango characters.

The planning was underway with many variables in play beginning with the material to create the bag, followed by how we would keep the costume supported, and finally the objects to decorate the costume. So after days and tireless hours of planning and constructing, our work was finished in the form of two perfect surfer fandango puppets.

Only downside to the customs is they are bulky and are going to present some problems walking around a crowded bar. We shall see what happens because the bar by us has a big Halloween party where 20,000 in cash and prizes are given away for different categories.

Halloween has become my favorite holiday!

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so how'd you do it?
by: E

How did you support it?

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