We Booked our tickets to Mickeys Halloween Party in California. I knew our costumes had to be awesome! So finally we all agreed on the Wizard of Oz. I Searched Pinterest like crazy and finally figured that Tin Man would have his chest piece made of foam.

I Started with 4 pieces of foam and made an awesome chest piece. went and got some metallic fabric and made him pants. Oil funnel for his head-added foam along the rim for padding. Drilled holes into the side piece and roped some elastic through. For his heart he wanted a purple heart for his triplet sister that we lost last year. It was so apexial making it for him, and to have her apart ofhis costume. Spray painted ae shoes he already had, cheat piece and his funnel. DONE!

Dorothy-went and got all her fabric and just started to make up as I went along. Made the shirt, took it apart and made it again. Made the dress and then the apron. Ripped the apron apart and remade it. Added all the extras to the dress. She’s more of a Dorothy from Vegas not Kansas