This famous homemade Lego costume took over 40 hours to design and make. My fiance and I wanted an eye opener costume for my son. We accomplished just that. It took us many hours designing the perfect costume trying many different materials for the perfect costume. This costume is made from only a few components which makes it ideal. We started off by walking through our  local craft store. And walking through every aisle for inspiration. It was nice family bonding time with my son who helped in the decisions and helped with the design (even came up with the Lego brand logo on the back) .

We knew we were doing Lego man but couldn’t decide on a character. There are so many to choose and were thinking of a fireman, or cowboy or policeman. We choose a tuxedo to make the most realistic costume. We were also thinking of a top hat but decided against it. To make the Lego head stand out more.  We had so much fun making this costume. Almost as much fun as my son taking it to school and showing all of his friends the costume his mom and dad made for him! I’m so happy to make this costume making a family bonding experience. This experience made Halloween more about family then anything.

Also another meaningful component for this costume was in October my son started telling his friends he wasn’t buying a costume this year. He started getting made fun of , kids starting making fun that we couldn’t afford a costume. They stopped pretty quick when they realized  how awesome his costume was. It taught a lesson to my son and many others, that buying things is nice but a home-made costume means so much more.

The reactions: Many went out of there way to take a look at this costume and take pictures. Most people said it was the best costume they ever seen!!

We enjoyed every moment of making and designing this costume and can’t wait to make another one and to start making for our youngest.

We already have a few ideas floating around for the next best home-made costume! Can”t wait!