Both Ghostbuster and Stay Puft Child Couple Costumes are entirely handmade. Both costumes are made out of bed sheets and other miscellaneous fabric. Stay Puft is basically two jumpsuits, one inside the other with tons of fiber fill between the layers.  The Ghostbuster proton pack and gun are made out of literally ‘garbage’. Miscellaneous boxes (poptart boxes, raisin boxes and others), pieces of wire, tubes, cardboard tubes, and other stuff. Both the backpack and gun light up with battery powered lights.

I tried to make costumes this year as ‘cheap’ as possible. Between these two costumes the only things I bought for them were a bed sheet (for the Ghostbuster) which I got at at thrift store and it cost $2.50, and a zipper for the Ghostbuster costume. Everything else I had, or found. The stuffing for Stay Puft was from an old couch!

I definitely accomplished my goal of keeping the cost of Halloween to a minimum this year!