I was watching Zoolander earlier this year, and I thought to myself, “I must costume this!” Laughing at the prospects of utilizing my own dog to be a part of my Mugatu costume, I got to work pretty rapidly.

For the sweater, I utilized a sweater and corset purchased from the local Salvation Army, and bought stiff sheets of felt to create the letters. I put the sweater on and traced the area where my letters should fall. I used my handly sewing machine and meticuoulsy went around each and every letter to make them stay on for the night. For the cuffs on sleeves, I cut rectagular pieces and sewed in a circular pattern. The neck piece was a piece of felt that i velcroed around my neck.

For the wig, I took the fluffiest fro wig I could find and placed it onto a wig stand. I took a lot of hair spray and bobby pins, but gosh dang it, I made it work!

The costume got an amazing reception. Most people couldn’t believe it was me! I spent the majority of my night telling folks to “Obey My dog!” and telling that Hansel he’s so hot right now. Let’s not forget, Lattes make me gassy.