I used trash can, laundry basket, butter bowl, colored duck tape, small screen, purple felt ,black felt, white felt, two buttons, purple yarn ,  and alot of glue sticks. Measure the person wearing the costume to where the arm and eye holes should be.  Then cutout be sure to make the eye hole big enough for the butter bowl to fit in. Cut purple felt and glue on trash can.For the bibs cut black black felt to look like bibs also cut two long stipes and a pocket. Then glue black felt over purple felt along with two buttons. With white felt cuout the m that gets glued on pocket of bibs and cutout teeth then glue on purple felt. Cutout a small bit of purple felt long enough to cover the bottom of the teeth for his lip. Use your duck tape to cover your butter bowl next glue your small screen to the back of the bowl. Cut a circle out of the lid and draw a eyeball on then glue to front of screen. For arms cutout purple felt long enough for person wearing then glue material together. For the head take laundry basket cut purple felt long enough to cover basket then glue over basket. Next glue basket to top of trash can. For the hair undo purple yarn cut a bunch of stipes and tie on one long stipe of yarn. You can tess with a comb. Then glue yarn on top of t he basket. You can glue butter bowl to the trash can or not to remove easily. All most forgot cut small black material for goggles. Put on a pair of black gloves, black pants and black shoes. This costume took me about a week. The hardest part was the hair. The best part was spending time with Sean and my son Dalton making the costume. All school aged children know who i was but alot of adults did not. Everyone wanted to try on my costume. I won first place at two local contests. My mom and me went to a contest she got second  and i got first place. This was a crowd of people over 21 who needed help on who i was but  alot of people liked my costume. A went to a local bar and won first place and fifty dollars. Same thing people did not know who i was but liked the costume. The children that seen me and  smiled and said look at the minion mommy was well worth making. This costume cost me about 30.00 dollars to make and a weeks time was worth all the smiles and the 70.00 dollars prize money i got.