I love everything about Avatar, and think they are so strong and beautiful. When I told my friends that I was gonna be one, they didn’t think I could pull it off. So I decided to show them! I took inspiration from those in the movie, and created my own Avatar character, with her own personality. She is savage and full of anger because her friends don’t think she can pull off such an awesome homemade costume!

I hand glued every single feather, and actually made the wig from scratch with strands of black yarn. Needless to say, it took forever! So worth it to see the looks on my friends’ doubtful faces!  By the 4th day I wore this costume, I had to spray glue it to my body, not fun!  And It took forever to scrub that blue paint off, I am still finding it in random places! I had added 15 different glow sticks in the wig and other places on the costume, it looked awesome in a dark room!