My boyfriend and I decided to go with some friends to our anual work party. This year, we all wanted to go as a group, so I thought of going as an escaped circus sideshow. We had 5 people in our group (sorry I can’t seem to find the other pictures). We thought of typical “sideshow” acts and came up with our 5 characters. We had a Bearded Lady, an Albino, a Maneater (Canibal), the Half and Half (half man and half woman), and the Tattooed lady. The pic I submitted is of our half and half (my boyfriend) who we called “Herman- the Half and Half). For his outfit, I took and old shirt and pants that he had and cut them in half. We bought a “fancy” old dress at a vintage store and cut that in hal. I then sewed the two halves together- a little cumbersome, but not too hard. I bought a man’s blonde wig and a cheap lady’s blonde wig- and you guessed it- cut them in half and sewed them together- making sure to keep the same side for the half as the outfit. Then I made up one side of his face to look like a half and half. The bearded lady was super easy- just find a fancy dress and add a full glued on beard… wish I could find my pics of that! The albino we bought a brightly colored pants and shirt, a red bow tie, and a white crazy wig. We then painted him with whtie make up to look pale. I wanted to get red contacts, but I couldn’t find them. For the Maneater, we bought an animal printed dress. I made some fake finger bones out of clay and attached them all over the dress. I even make earings and hair pieces. We made her hair real crazy and painted some blood trickeling down her mouth corners. We also purchased some fake bloody body parts that she carried around. For the tattooed lady (myself) I got sequinned dress- something crazy to look like a circus. I purchased fake tattooed nylons that I wore on my legs and a tattooed shirt I found that was made out of the same stuff as the nylons. I also bought some rub on tattoos to place on my face to complete the look as well as a fancy red and black wig to make my look even more fun. To make the group cohesive, I printed out “name tags” on my home computer with our different names on them and underneath it said “Property of Barnum and Bailey” (a famous cicus). Then I pinned them on our backs. Also, we all had encorporated a red fake rose somewhere in our looks to make us look more of a group- it our hair or in our shirts. Everyone loved our looks and we got pics taken of us all night!