To make this Halloween Cosplay costume, I used a lot of craft foam, spray paint, acrylic paint, and hot glue. I alsodyed my hair red and used hair extensions.

The costume was really fun to make, but took me a period of weeks to complete because I work a lot. It was all worth it, though. I learned a lot, so I’ll know how to make a better Cosplay costume next time.

Halloween Cosplay Costume Instructions

  • I used tape and plastic wrap to surround my upper body so I could make the back plate and the breastplate.
  • I cut myself out after I drew the shape on me.
  • Then I traced that shape on to the craft foam.
  • I used gesso to cover the foam and then put the acrylic on top so it would look nicer. Honestly, Worbla would have been better, but whatever.
  • I traced certain body parts so I could make the shoulder pads, legs, and forearms.
  • I used Academy Acrylic paint in cerulean blue and gold spray paint.
  • The pieces are in the shapes they are by using a heat gun. I traced the shapes of my legs and arms to estimate the triangle sizes.
  • I had a lot of reference videos and pictures I used to design the armor, so I recommend using the same.
  • For the bows in my hair I went to Michael’s and bought yellow ribbon and a blank headband (I got everything I used there actually).
  • I created bows with long ends and surrounded the headband with the ribbon which I attached with hot glue.
  • Erza has on elbow length black gloves under the forearm armor and thigh high boots which I don’t own so I substituted them with thigh high socks and black shoes which I covered the back of with foam and then spray painted it gold.
  • I also made a staff that she has that is very long. I used cardboard Styrofoam and paint to make it.
    I used rice lights in the middle of the blade so it would light up.

For my next Cosplay costume I will probably make a video. Peace!