I am a killer hairstylist and own Celebrities-Salon in Saint Petersburg Fl. I can copy any picture, either hair color and cut to drawing a picture to making a costume. I LIVE FOR HALLOWEEN!

I had a little help with construction of the wings of this Harry Potter Albino Dragon costume made of PVC and air conditioning covering. The wings are white sheets from a customer of mine. They open up with a nut and bolt on the back of the PVC. I bought a white body suit off line to airbrush and made the hands and feet with sculptured nails made of a wood powder mixed with water and a coating of white nail acrylic.

I also put wire through the toes to bend up so the nails don’t hit the ground when you walk. I bought a mask $70 that I cut up and put Velcro on for adjustment. I glued the nose on, then latex. The tail is made of bath liner and stuffed. The scales are bath liner and hot glued on. Lets not forget the cool contacts I bought on line. So walla!…. just what I wanted.