Ugly dogs are so ugly they are cute. This definitely applies to Gru’s dog from Despicable me.

This Despicable Me Kyle dog costume is ideal for pairing up with an Agnes costume.

I always check out the yearly winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest.  It looks like they used these winners as inspiration for Gru’s dog, Kyle.

In my enormous collection of fabric I found some mangy fur that I thought would work well for an ugly dog. I formed the fabric over a base of a butcher paper and duct tape.  I started with a large oval shape that would fit over our girl’s body. The body goes down to below her waist.   There are 2 false legs and the wearers legs are covered in matching leggins. The eyes are made from a dollar store rubber ball that was cut in half and painted. The teeth are from modeling clay that I glued inside the lips. The red collar is a strip of red fabric.

After the costume was done I marked an area inside where the eyes of the wearer were and carefully cut away the paper base in the area. The fabric is thin enough to see through without eye holes.