My first stilted costume, a giant bat, walks on all fours with pointy shoulders at around 7 feet tall, upon attack it doubles in size to approx. 14 feet tall. It is a true crowd pleaser with a GIANT wow factor when it stands up. It has won many contests since it’s inception in 2004. It was the 1st costume where I had to learn stilt walking, so in order to do so I made it with quad stilts, meaning on all fours, it was my brain child for 2 more additional quad stilted costumes yet to come at that point.

Many great reactions and hundreds of pics with other people and their costumes as well. Reactions are so good that when I took it to 2 different haunted houses, one being an amusement park, I was hired on the spot by both and worked them each for a couple of years.

The first time I competed with it, I can remember the crowd “ROARING” for it to win, in which it did. My son was afraid of it for many years, and is probably still a little weary even though he knows it’s me inside. I have taught others to wear this costume for haunted houses and amusement parks, as well as other contests, it’s by far the easiest to wear and it’s mobility is awesome.

This was my first sewing experience as well just after a little education from my now deceased grandma and the use of her sewing machine. It has proven to be very durable and has lasted now for several years.

My wife would lead me around with a chain around it’s neck and upon standing for the crowd she would whip it with a bull whip as too try and “TAME” it, looked very good and went off without a hitch. I have also paired it with my headless Ozzy costume with Ozzy’s head in the bats mouth for a couples category contest, of course it won.

The effect it has on folks as it would seem is that they all want their heads bitten off by “THE BAT”, what’s not to like, it’s the perfect Halloween character.