The Edward Scissorhands costume was all made of stuff I already had. I downloaded a free pattern for each of the scissors and printed it out. After cutting out each of the 10 blades I pasted them onto cardboard, and then once again cut them all out. Then, I covered each one in tin foil to give it the metal look. I used some cheap felt gloves and hot-glued each blade to one of the fingers and then I had my scissorhands.

I wore black pants, black shoes, and a black leather jacket, then I wrapped a few studded belts around my chest/shoulders. Since my hair was already long and dark I just pinned it up to look crazy and messy. Make up was just a white base with purplish “scars” and purplish/gray shadows under the eyes and to define cheekbones. I think Johnny Depp would’ve been proud.