Eco Princess
— When I was thinking about reducing plastic usage at home, I took that as the concept for this Halloween for my daughter, who co-operated well with me, instead of throwing tantrums for a princess costume.

Store bought plain black dress
Felt flowers
Felt leaves
A Happy face & Sad faced Earth – out of blue and green felt
Pieces of plastic cover

How I made?
1. Stitched the felt flowers like a border at the front bottom
2. And stitched more flowers in a diagonal pattern until the belt line
3. Stitched the felt leaves, like they are hanging from the belt line
4. Glued the Happy faced Earth to the top chest line, and the cut letters from felt “Save” to the top of the Earth
5. Glued the cut pieces of plastic cover to the back bottom
6. Glued the Sad faced Earth to the back top