Ursula is one of my favorite female villains characters and one day I was watching the Little Mermaid (again) and it just came to me… I should make an Ursula costume!

First I decided to wear a long skirt with a petticoat under it to make the illusion of Ursula sitting on the large stone. I used a royal blue fabric for it. NOW the tentacles!!! I found this faux leather material that would give them the shiny ‘wet’ look that you would want on tentacles. I cut them in almost a “J” shape so the tips would be curling out an after that stuffed them with poly fill and closed them. After they were closed, I made a waist band with the same faux leather material and sewed each tentacle on it.  This is a very wide bottom and I knew going to the restroom was going to be a challenge, thankfully, I had a belt big enough to feed through the waist band and it was easy to put on and come off.  My plan was to buy a corset, however, I ran out of time. I threw together this top with straps for extra ta-ta support ;).  Also added elastic below the breast to add shape. Worked beautifully. One helpful tip, though: make sure the top is wide enough at the bottom to fall over the belt.

Ursula’s necklace and earrings were made with polymer clay which I painted with acrylic paint.

I wore this costume to the Texas Renaissance Festival and got many compliments. I even entered their costume contest and won 3rd place.

The cutest and funniest part was the front two tentacles. They land right on my legs so when I’m walking they move forward with every step; it almost looked like I’m walking with my tentacles.