When choosing a Halloween costume I always try to be the most creative and think of things that aren’t overdone or too provocative. I find that a lot of teenage girls my age just perceive Halloween as a time to show off as much skin as possible. I believe that you can still be sexy with clothing. When one of my childhood friends transferred to my school, it was a no brainer that we had to match and that’s when the idea to be Greek Goddesses popped into my head! Around this time it was about a week before the Halloween dance so we didn’t have much time!

Things You’ll Need:

Safety pins

Fake leaves (purchased at the dollar store)

A (white) bed sheet

(Gold) Curtain Rope Tie Backs (purchased from the dollar store)

The bed sheet I found was long enough to wrap around my body multiple times so after about two wraps I coiled the remains of the sheet and threw it over my right shoulder and safety pinned (the heck out of it) to the inside of the back of the “dress”. After the dress is coiled and thrown over your shoulder it will naturally create a slit in the front for you, so you can show off some leg. I also got my friend to safety pin the inside of my dress so it wouldn’t fall off and expose anything.

After that was completed I wrapped a gold curtain rope tieback around my waist to make the costume look more authentic.

Then I removed the flower portion from the fake plants I purchased from the dollar store and cut off the extra wire so it wouldn’t poke my scalp. I attached some of the leaves to either side of my head and bobby pinned in together at the back.

For accessories I wore diamonds earrings and gold gladiator flats! My total cost for this project was around 6 bucks :) Simple and affordable. Enjoy!