Asked my two and a half year old son what he wanted to be for Halloween last year and his response was simply, “I want donuts”. This has been a common request because donuts are his favorite desert, but it got me thinking… why don’t I make a donut costume for him?

So I bought 2 yards of brown felt from the fabric store, 1 yard of brown pleather, and a bunch of different colors of puffy fabric paint. I folded the felt over in 3 layers and cut a large circle, then took the three circles and folded them in half to cut out the smaller inner circle for the donut hole. I then cut the pleather into an icing circle with wavy edges and sewed it to one of the felt circles. I took that and sewed it to another circle along the outside edge (icing side in). I turned it right side out and sewed the inner circle together, leaving a small hole to stuff the donut. Then I sewed the third felt circle to the others, leaving a hole for the head, arms and legs. I stuffed the donut with poly fill and sewed up the hole by hand. Then I used the puffy paint to draw sprinkles onto the pleather.

The hardest part was figuring out how the make the donut wearable and not just sitting on my son. After contemplating it for some time I figured the actual donut should just sit on the front and be held on by the felt backing.

The whole thing cost less than $20 and he won 2nd place in our town’s annual costume contest for his age group!