This Wizard of Oz group costume was one of the most fun to make!  Except for the scarecrow, it was extremely easy.

The lion head we actually already had on hand from some previous Halloween costume.  We added red hair bows to it.  The shirt was made buy gluing a different shade yellow shirt on top of the original yellow shirt.  Although you can’t see it in this picture, the lion does have a tail that was also already owned.  to attach it without ruining the shorts, hot glue the tail to a piece of fabric 3″ wide and 6-8″ long and then tuck it into the waist band of you pants.  For extra support, you can safety pin it in place.

Dorothy was made using a blue camisole.  We hot glued white frilly ribbon to the bottom.  A plain white peasant shirt was worn on top.  Braid you hair in standard dorothy style and add blue ribbons.  Red socks give it the final touch. The basket and Toto were found at the thrift store.

The scare crow was made using a brown shirt and brown pants from the thrift store.  The neckline was made using white fabric which was cut up and glued to the neckline.  The hat was actually made from a short black skirt made of jersey material.  It was stuffed with a little bit of stuffing to give it shape.  Patches were added to the shirt and pants.  Straw was hot glued to the cuffs and throughout the costume.  Accessorize with garden gloves from the dollar tree and string around the waist band.

The tin man was just done using a gray shirt with sharpie.  This one was tough because he still needed to be able to play volleyball so we were limited in how bulky of a costume he could wear.  The funnel on the top was spray painted silver and then secured to his head using elastic.  Most funnels only come with a hole on one side.  To create the second hole, hold a nail on the head side with some pliers.  Heat the pointy side over a flame and then, once it is hot, poke it into the funnel to create a hole.  Don’t try to hold the nail in your hand and only do this on a plastic funnel. It’s not pictured but he did also have an ax.

You can read about our special volleyball group costuming tradition on my Author page…