Don’t just be any police officer, be Officer Jenny!  The picture pretty much shows it all. I just took a simple blue dress and short sleeve button up over it.  I got both from a thrift store for under $6.  The only “crafty” thing I had to do was cut two rectangles of red felt for the end of the sleeves and stapled them on.  I dyed the undertones of my hair a semi-permanent turqoise dye from Manic Panic band (about $10 on  The cop hat is from a standard cop costume, just make sure its the matching color blue.  After that, it was plan black belt, black shoes (I used boots but she technically wears heels), black bag and white tights(the tights are opitional).  I had a name tag for some of the night, which was just a work name tag I wrote over but I found it was a lot more fun to make people guess.  Any pokemon fans got the reference almost instantly.  Also, I wore this three nights and didn’t find anyone else who was an Offer Jenny.