My husband and I love Halloween. We start thinking the day after Halloween what our plans will be for next year! This Mary Poppins costume was pretty easy to do after finding all the parts ( which was the hard part!) My husband always pokes fun at me for having a “vision”, because I get kind of crazy to make it all come together! He actually was the one to think of it, and it was a wonderful idea that brought us back to the time when we used to watch this disney favorite. A lot of the clothing items we found at thrift shops. The hat was purchased from a vintage shop. It took me some time to find the right kinds of flowers. I sewed the flowers to the hat, and the berries I actually found off an old Christmas wreath (which were glued) ! I looked at pictures upon pictures trying to find all the pieces to make this work. The bowtie for the costume was a dog clip from one of my dog’s leash accessories. I thought it was perfect, so I just went for it! The chiminey cleaner is a black stick we had hanging around attached with black pipe cleaners. We added black makeup to my husbands face to make it appear as dirty :) We absolutely loved playing this part the entire night, and won overall best costume!! We hope you enjoy the memories, we loved recreating them! Thank you!