I needed a simple character that most everybody knows, because I get so sick of having to explain who I am all night long. Well, most people have seen or watched Family Guy, and Meg is one of the most recognizable characters.

This Meg Griffin from Family Guy Halloween costume was pretty simple.  I found a pink shirt as close to Meg’s shirt color as possible. I sewed a white t-shirt underneath (so the white part of the sleeves wouldn’t slide back under).  It took a while, but I finally found a pink hat that was almost the exact color as the shirt.  Both the shirt and the hat were from Walmart, I believe.  The glasses were a pair of “hippie” sunglasses from the Halloween store.  I took the lenses out and painted them black.  The last step was pin my hair under (my hair is much longer than Meg’s) then put on a pair of jeans and tennis shoes that I already owned.  Voila! Meg Griffin!

By the way, the pictures are from a costume contest at a club, and I got 2nd place! Won $150 – the costume only cost me $22 to put together!