Take an old pair of over sized pants and cut them off mid calf and make a jagged, uneven hem for this clown costume.  Use an old shirt and cut holes in it, wash to give it a frayed look, then splatter with fake blood.  I picked up a pair of suspenders from the thrift store for $1 and used a colored pair of women’s tights to put under the pants.  Any hat will be fine, just what ever you have floating around the house.  Extremely EASY – you can be as creative as you would like and add as much as you want to enhance this costume.

The best part was transforming my sweet, 11yr old son into a creepy, diabolical clown. The reactions from people were absolutely priceless. Apparently clowns are fun during the day and become extremely eery once night falls, even for adults.  Most of our neighbors and friends didn’t even recognize my son.