Body paint is an excellent way to show off your creativity. Just like a painting, no two strokes are the same- so you are guaranteed originality.

What I used for this zebra costume:


  •  black and white Snazaroo face paint.
  •  false lashes
  •  black high waist shorts
  •  two black bras (one low cut dress bra)
  •  black leg warmers
  •  black high heels
  •  ears on head band*
  •  black tail


  • you need a black hairband (skinny)
  • black pipe cleaners
  • black material (old clothes etc)
  • good glue
  • black tape

1. Cut the black material into ear shape

2. Cut pipe cleaners to size, shaping around the outside of the ears and glue down. (be sure to leave extra length on the pipe cleaner to wrap around hairband)

3. wrap pipe cleaner around hairband- securing with a small bit of black tape.

4. bend and style for your liking.


  •  tons of hairspray
  •  bobby pins
  •  Faux hawk

This is a relatively easy costume and yet fun to design. I used a facepainting sponge to cover myself in white body paint, and my friend helped with my back. Next step was to paint the black lines and for this we used a brush. Different sized and different shaped strokes in the same general direction.

Next was my face. Painted all white and then sectioned the mouth bit (as per photo) and covered black. Next I painted on the black stripes and blackened around my eyes in particular.

Apply the false lashes. And last but not least – paint your hands black or wear black gloves with the fingers cut out! And Voila. Throw on your blazer or leather jacket and you’re ready to rock.