In my university (in Mexico), my classmates and me have a tradition of wearing costumes to school each Halloween. This year, some kids from a very modest school came, and we had to entertain them. Therefore, I though I should wear something appropriate for them.

I am French and I live in Mexico, therefore I’m basically the only blond person in my school. I usually try to take advantage of that in my costume, so I´m the only one wearing them ( other people would have to wear a wig.) Last year I went as Princess Peach. This year, I really had no idea, until a friend gave me the idea to come as Helga Pataki, from Hey Arnold. I really like the character, and like her, I don´t consider myself a “girly” girl, so I was sure to have the right attitude for it!

I didn’t have much time to prepare my costume, only a few days, and I´m pretty busy, and on a low-budget. I could have made it better, so maybe you can find your own way to improve it, if you have more time than me.

Nevertheless, everybody thought it was a pretty great idea and the kids loved it! People took a lot of pictures of me, even a dad who said it was too bad his kids weren’t there, because they were such huge fans of Hey Arnold”

What people loved the most was my uni-brow!

The dress and clothes:

I found the pink dress in a cheap market that sells used clothes. It cost me about 5 dollars. If I had the time, I would have asked my mother-in-law to do the exact same as Helga, but that wasn’t possible. This is a kids dress, so it was kinda short for me.

Therefore, I bought pink shorts and woolen white thighs to wear underneath. Those were the most expensive pieces of the costume, and yet it was cheap, just 3 and 7 dollars. Also, I wore a normal white shirt under the dress, as Helga does. I believe you can find those anywhere, if you don´t have one.

Then I borrowed a pink ribbon from my mother-in-law who does a lot of crafts. I couldn’t put it the same way as Helga, around the waist, because the dress I bought was too short. I thought about putting it right underneath my breasts, but I didn’t like it, so I decided to put it on the bottom of the dress, as you can see in the photos. I did that the night before, so instead of sewing it, I just stapled it.

Helga wears white shoes, so any type of white shoes you have is fine. I used purple sneakers I already had and it looked pretty good.

The Necklace:

The Heart necklace is pretty easy. Helga has it as a locket that opens and closes, but I had no time to find one like that. Also, I didn´t want to go around all day carrying it in my hands, so I decided to make it a necklace.

For that, you only need to print a picture of Arnold´s head (mine was pretty big, it usually is smaller), some cardboard ( I took some from my printer´s box), some glue stick and about 2 meters ( I use the metric system, sorry) of red ribbon (that cost me less than 1 dollar).

I first glued the picture on the cardboard, drew the heart as I wanted it, and cut it. Then I punched two holes and put the ribbon in there as to make it a necklace. I then glued ribbon all around the heart, that was mainly to hide the fact that I cut it very badly, but it looks pretty good!

The Unibrow and hair:

For the Unibrow, I bought some regular eyeliner. For the hair, I only tied my hair as two piggy tails using white hair tights. I bought the diadem with the big pink bow at the same market I bought my dress for 1,5 dollars.