I always try to go for a costume where I own at least half of the materials already. This Cruella de Vil Halloween costume is actually a lot easier than it looks. The only major construction that needed to be done was the Dalmatian cape, and even then all it was was cutting out a 3/4 circle of the fabric and making a collar (stuffed with some sort of foam backing that was in the house). After that, red gloves, black boots and the extremely necessary cigarette holder. My dad did the hair color for me so it was pretty simple! Also, it takes a lot of contouring to get Cruella’s crazy cheekbones, especially if you have a round face like me!

The full materials list:

  • Dalmatian fur cape,
  • black cocktail dress,
  • fishnet tights,
  • knee-high black boots,
  • red satin gloves,
  • earrings,
  • necklace,
  • ring,
  • cigarette holder (with fake cigarette),
  • black and white hair spray,
  • all the makeup, and horrible fake eyelashes.

Optional: I had extra fabric so I made my dogs little Dalmatian vests to match!