This year my friends and I thought it would be a lot of fun to dress up as the cast from the hit movie, Bridesmaids! We knew we wanted to imitate the famous poster of the girls posing against a brick wall, and that became our inspiration for the costume. We found the matching hot pink, peplum dresses at Forever 21 for around $20, and the bride’s dress was purchased at Walmart for the same price. For shoes, we all wore pairs that we already owned to save money. We used some pink ribbon to make the headband, and the band for the wedding dress, and the bride wore a fake flower in her hair, purchased at the Dollar store. The bride also purchased a huge diamond ‘wedding ring’ from Forever 21 for less than $5.

We spent the day doing each others hair and make up, and found a brick wall at a community center for the photos. We studied the pose on the movie poster and took a bunch of pictures until we perfected it. This costume was a huge hit. We all uploaded the photo to Facebook and got over 300 ‘likes’ combined. At night we went to a Halloween event at a bar, and we ended up winning best group costume of the night! Surprisingly, almost everyone guessed who were were, but if someone didn’t know, we would quickly line up in the signature pose, and they figured it out right away.

This costume was very original, and we didn’t see anyone else with the same idea. The costume was inexpensive, comfortable to wear throughout the night, and the dresses can definitely be worn again! Bridesmaids is the perfect group costume for girly-girls who love to dress up.