The phantom specter costume consists of:

  • Black ski mask
  • Black long sleeve turtleneck
  • Black pants
  • Back half boots –  (I chose these to give myself more height)
  • Black cape with wine color silk lining – Higher quality cape purchased from ebay = $35.00
  • White  female plastic face mask – ebay purchase = $6.00
  • White gloves – Higer quality gloves purchased from ebay – $8.00

The reactions:

I was alreaady dressed in costume for trick or treaters when my son came home from work.  I gave him a fantastic jump scare. lol. I did nothing but stand at the end of out staircase and he jumped out of his skin when he came through the door. lol

Many parents and children were delightfully creeped out from this costume. Unfortunately some younger children were very afraid  to come to my door for candy and the parents had to convince them I was a nice person just in costume like they were.

I have to say it is one of my most favorite costumes I have put together. Simple but very effective.