Costume by Becky H., Glen Allen, VA

I was trying to come up with easy costume ideas for a Halloween party my friend was throwing. I came up with the Jeopardy Contestant. You will need one large cardboard box, one medium cardboard box, one or two cans of flat gray spray paint (will depend on size of box), one can of metallic spray paint, one can of blue spray paint, one can of brown spray paint, painters tape, suspenders, 3" vinyl boat registration letters and numbers (I got these from a marine store called West Marine. I couldn’t find any letters, numbers or stencils big enough anywhere else), two dowel rods, one medium one large and string.

I did a Google image search online to find a picture of what the Jeopardy podium looked like. I decided that I needed to actually look like I was standing behind the podium so I needed a big cardboard box which I found at work. I cut the flaps off the top of the box and turned it over. This was now the bottom of my box where my legs would go. Next I cut out a semi-circle in the top wide enough for me to fit through. I spray painted the box a flat gray color. I used another box for the "screen" of the podium. I drew in pencil using a straight edge the front of the podium. I cut it out with a box cutter and used painters tape to tape off the areas that needed to be painted. I used newspaper to ensure that the paint would not get on areas it shouldn’t.

I used a black sharpie marker to outline the name screen and money screen. I then used white out (the kind that has the brush) and wrote my name on the screen. I then laid out the numbers before sticking them on. I stuck them on one at a time to get them as evenly spaced as possible. Next I made the buzzer. I cut the large dowel rod big enough so that it fit in my hand. I then cut a little piece off the medium dowel rod to act as a button. I colored the button with a red sharpie and colored the buzzer with a black sharpie. I attached the button to the top of the buzzer with wood glue and attached string to the box and the buzzer. I used suspenders to help me carry the box. I attached the suspenders to the box and then to me. This made it easy to carry around and if I wanted to take it off I could.

I was really pleased with how this turned out. I felt like I was really a contestant on Jeopardy and it was pretty inexpensive. What took the longest was the labor to make the costume but it was well worth it!

Total Spent: $25