I was Bill Lumbergh from one my favorite movies Office Space! Handing out TPS reports and making everyone come in to work on Saturday… Sundays too!

I’m gonna have to go ahead and tell you how to make this costume, so if you could just go ahead and read… that’d be great… mm’k?

What you’ll need:

  • Wig (or slick your own hair to the side if it’s long enough)
  • Big glasses (non-prescription for me!)
  • Dark dress slacks, belt and shoes
  • Blue dress shirt with white collar (I actually wore two dress shirts at the same time and rolled back/pinned the blue sleeves/collar)
  • ‘Stylish’ tie
  • Suspenders
  • White coffee mug with label (get a plain coffee mug at any crafts store and find the label online, print it and tape it to the mug)
  • Optional: Bill Lumbergh work badge (you can find the label online, print it, and attach it to a work badge)