Ok, being an 80s kid I obviously picked this Beatlejuice costume for my 3 yr old but I did make sure he was prepared, the week before we watched movie and cartoons over and over.

This costume cost me a total of $3.99! I purchased a toddler tux at a local thrift shop (had been keeping an eye out) for 3.99. You will need white duct tape and a pair of black boots (I only had brown so I spray painted black), white long sleeve tux shirt, and black tie. all things I happened to have.

For the Tux I simply taped white vertical lines (does not have to be perfect) some trimming is necessary especially around arms and coller. I did consider spray painting lines on tux but i decided the easier the better!

I smudged black eyeshadow/mascara all over white shirt.

white face paint, black around eyes and green spray in hair ( oh yeah. that is his real hair!!)

We stopped crowds at our trick or treating and he won most creative costume at school event.

By far my favorite costume yet, can’t wait for next year.