Basically, my boyfriend and I were racking our brains for costume ideas and we weren’t even sure if we were going to do something together but then, FINALLY it hit me! I wanted to be Pikachu! And it was so easy!

My costume:

1. I did buy one thing that I couldn’t make. The hood. I got it from and it was the Yellow Mouse Hood. And that was the most expensive thing.

2. For my dress, I bought yellow and brown stretchy favorite and used a sewing machine to sew the yellow fabric into a tube and to put the brown stripes on the back.

3. For the tail, I look a thick piece of cardboard and outlined the shape I wanted. I also had yellow and brown duct tape and started layering it on there to make it more sturdy (and, of course, for color!) To attach it to the dress, I just used safety pins. I pinned through the cardboard and attached one end to my butt and the top part to the top part of my dress (I pinned it to my bra too for extra support).

4. I didn’t do the rosy cheeks or yellow shoes because I didn’t feel like doing the cheeks and I couldn’t find shoes I liked enough but that would totally make this outfit better.

For his costume:

1. The jeans and shirt were his own and I ordered the hat off Amazon. But if you don’t want to order you can just find a red trucker hat and puffy paint the green check mark on it.

2. For the jacket, I got two extra large t-shirts, one blue and one white. I took the sleeves off both and stitched the white sleeves to the blue shirt. Then using the extra fabric from my dress I made pocket slits. I debated adding yellow buttons, a yellow trim, and a white collar but I was pressed for time and I figured the image was there.

3. I sent my boyfriend to buy green gloves, but he forgot. But if you get them you can just cut off the fingers and voila!

We got so many compliments. It was my favorite costume ever!