There is one of these pedestrian crossing signs right outside of my work parking lot that I pass every day. On the way home I was trying to think of something different to be and I saw that sign! This wasn’t too bad to make.

First Step:

Outfit – black shoes, black pants, long sleeve black shirt, black gloves.

Second Step:

The head – I used black card stock and a plate to cut out a black circle. Then cut 2 little slits that I put my glasses’ arm through.

Third Step:

Sign background – I used PVC pipe as the frame and got 4 neon yellow posters taped to the frame from the back. This was easiest to put the posters on the floor then put the frame on top of them to tape it down. I used black electrical tape to make the outline on the front so that it would be a consistent black line. In order to pose with my background I used black zip ties to make 3 loops for my arm to go through so I could hold it and it would blend in with my shirt.

Note* The zip ties dug in a little so I ended up adding paper towels wrapped around the zip ties and then covering that in black electrical tape.

I had so much fun with this costume and got so many laughs. Really fun costume and you can always put the background down which was nice because that thing got kind of heavy.