For this Draculaura Monster High Doll costume and makeup we purchased a pink long sleeve shirt, a black lace shirt and a white skirt from our local thrift store. I cut the sleeves off the pink shirt. We added white tulle trimmed with hot pink and black tulle accents to the skirt. I finished the skirt by adding a black felt skull cut out.

The white neck collar was made using the collar of a white Oxford button up shirt. I simply hot glued a white satin ruffle I cut off of an old dress to the collar to make her a ruffled neck collar. It was easy to button it around her neck this way. No sewing required. The arm cuffs were made using the cuffs off the same shirt and I hot glued more of the white satin ruffle from the old dress to those too. We added 3 large rhinestones to the front of the pink shirt to look like buttons.

Her hat- which I was frequently asked about- was made using a clear plastic cup, stiff felt, tulle, ribbon and black rhinestone trim. It was put on a pink headband to blend in with the pink in her wig. The wig was bought last year on clearance for $2. We simply added duct tape to a pair of black boots to look like shoelaces and added black felt hearts with smaller silver hearts for details. I did all her makeup and tied ribbons in her hair to match her hat. I added a bow I made to match to her collar to complete her look.

Her puppy Sophia was her pet bat. We made her a tutu using the leftover tulle nd used stuff felt to make bat wings and attached them to her tutu. My daughter loved this costume! It was our decision to not have one we could have purchased at a store  and instead used our own ideas to create one that was unique and homemade.