We both LOVE The Big Bang Theory TV show! One day I was on pinterest thinking about what we should be for Halloween and BOOM! I see a picture of them two and KNEW the Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler Couple Halloween Costume would be perfect! My husband is tall and skinny, and I had the same color hair and length as Amy! I went to many thrift stores looking for a cardigan and plaid button up shirt, perfect long skirt, bought some fake glasses, I already had the tights and show, I was set! I found a replica of Sheldon’s shirt from the cover of the first season on amazon and bought it right away! My husband needed a haircut recently and went for the Sheldon look to pull it off even more!

We have some friends who also love the show and were absolutely blown away! My dad was shown a picture of me and didn’t even know it was me, (actually thought it was Amy at first!!).

The funniest part I think was when David first saw me, he couldn’t stop laughing!