This Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth couple costume was a hit at last year’s Halloween party! They consisted mostly from items we already owned so that made them pretty easy to put together. Dog’s costume was made up of black jeans and boots, a black cut off shirt, and a black vest. The accessories for this costume were arm bands made from scraps of the black cut off, a blonde mullet wig, and cop accessories (nightstick, badge, handcuffs).

The last step for his costume was adding dark makeup for a nice tan and some drawn on tattoos. Beth’s costume was much easier. It consisted of black leather leggings, a cheetah print top, and black heels. Like for Dog we added a dark tan and a blonde wig. The last part was adding in Beth’s signature look. For this we took two scarves and layered them in to a much larger bra. Thsee costumes were easy and comfortable to wear and landed us first place in a contest.