Costume by Sherry B., Lincoln Park, MI

I recently had to have some medical test done and this is how I came up with the idea for my costume. I got a large square box and cut holes for my head and arms. I then put a divider in the box so you could not see me while inside. I covered the outside of the box with white contact paper poster board would also work. I measured and centered a window in the front of the box but before I cut it out I measured and traced the words "IN USE" across the top and cut out each letter.

Then I cut out the front window. I lined the inside of the front area of the box with black poster board. I found and old plastic skeleton and my hospital gown at the local thrift store. I cut the skeleton so only the neck to just below the ribs showed. I hot glued this inside the box. I glued red cellophane paper behind the words "IN USE".

I then went to the local hardware store and purchased the cheapest piece of plastic I could get and had it cut to the size I needed. I then used some old window tint and tinted both sides of the plastic to make it dark. Then I hot glued it in.

X-Ray Machine Costume

On the outside of the box I cut the word "X-RAY" out of craft foam and glued down both sides. For the final touch I put in a small tap light which made the plastic skeleton bones glow along with the words "IN USE" nicely at night. This was found at my local dollar store.

To give the costume the "real" hospital feel I went with the fake "butt" which was bought at the Halloween store which came with the attached striped boxers all one piece. This could be optional but made the costume more realistic. I cut the hospital gown to hang around the butt and not cover it up. I wore old plastic slide sandals with my socks rolled down and shorts under the boxers.

I took first place with this costume and had more adults asking me to turn around so they could see the full effect. I am not sure if they enjoyed the front or the back of the costume more but I was sent on my way many times with howls of laughter. I am a very outgoing person and had a lot of fun making and wearing this costume.

It only took about two days to make this costume it was very easy and not real expensive. Good luck with your own do it yourself halloween costumes!

Total Spent: $25.