Do it yourself costume by Amanda B., Austin, IN

Looks hard…but this was one of the easiest do it your self costumes I’ve made. If you know how to cut things in half and sew, then this is the costume for you. The idea came from my 10 year old daughter wanting to be a boy for Halloween and I said "It would be neat to be both boy and girl!" Then the ideas for this costume started flying.

I began with an old blonde wig we had used in past years and cut it completely in half. I cut an old baseball cap in half and sewed them together. I took one whole shirt and cut half of another one to sew directly in the middle. The reason of the whole shirt instead of two halves makes it easier to put on and to sew. The same applied for her pants and skirt. she wore the pants just one leg was cut off like shorts so I could sew a piece of glittery fabric down the middle seam in the front leaving room for the zipper to still work and also sewed it down the middle seam in the back.

The rest was just a given. Wear her make up like a girl on one half and no make up on the other, painted on beard and darker eyebrow. Her hair was pulled up in bun to have room for wig/hat to be on head. She also wore a pair of stockings under the pants, one boot or casual shoe and the other was a sandal.

She won first prize at the Halloween carnival. And it has been one costume that people continue to talk about.

Total Spent: $10.00

Coolest Do It Yourself Costume

Coolest Do It Yourself Costume