Every year we come up with a crazy costume for my husband and myself for Halloween. We are just kids at heart! But this year trying to find something a little different that you can’t just buy at the store.

Perfect! A DIY Roger and Jessica Rabbit couple Halloween costume! Roger’s costume is 100% homemade. I started with just a plastic mask base. Using a can of expanding foam insulation from the hardware store to make the big cheeks, nose, and tail. This stuff is awesome! It will expand a bunch, but after it dries you can carve it with a blade or xacto knife. After finding my basic shapes, I used the paper mache process to smooth all the spaces together.

The ears have a very stiff wire in them. I then attached the faux fur and hand painted the eyes and the tip of the nose. How to get it to stay on his head was very tricky. I went ahead and made a hat shaped like a hoodie, cut 2 holes in the top where I wanted the ears to be and tried many different things, I still could not get those big ears to stay up without it falling over. Then my husband said why not just fill it with foam around the wires and carve out where my head would go? It worked!

A sewing machine made the rest very easy. Except for the fact that I am not very good at sewing! But I put my foot to the pedal and learned that a seam ripper is a wonderful tool. The feet of Roger were a pair of red clown shoes found at a yard sale and faux fur hot glued to them.

Now the Jessica costume I got real lucky on. There was no way my sewing ability was to the standards of her dress. The dress makes the costume. I was very fortunate that after hitting the streets and visiting every resale shop in the four states I found it. No alternations made.

Her purple gloves were interesting to make. My kids laughed as to why I made 3 gloves. I said best 2 out of three. Good thing! And the hair, may be with me awhile. In our rural area I could not find a very good wig. So I had a good friend to come and dye my hair, Jessica Rabbit red!

What a great Halloween that we have had! Thank you for letting me share this! Happy Halloween!